Whether your business is running an event, managing construction sites or wanting to give your teams more autonomy, expensemanager's budgets really help your people to make informed decisions

No longer is your budget a hidden excel spreadsheet, your employees get visibility before making a purchase.

Budget creation

An administrator is able to create new budgets from the setup menu.

A budget can be allocated to a Category, given a name and a from and to date

When the budget is Saved a new Budget is created with:-

  • The expense types from the Category
  • The cost centres assigned to the Category

The budget amounts can either be updated on-screen or exported to an excel file and then re-imported into expensemanager via the Upload button.

Opening balances

Opening balances can be included in a current budget.  The opening balance amount is included as 'Spent' in the budget calculation

Budget view

When a user uses an expense type in any enabled module, cash, card, supplier invoices or purchase orders, the budget calculations are displayed for them on screen.

The amounts displayed to the user is based on the Cost Centre of the expense and the expense type selected.  The amounts shown are in whole dollars (rounded up) and are nett of GST.

Purchase Order vs Supplier invoice budget calculations

When a purchase order is created and approved, the amount of the Purchase Order is committed to the budget. When an Invoice is matched to a Purchase Order and the amounts are equal the Invoice is not calculated as part of the Budget.

If a Purchase Order is 'closed' by the user and there is a remaining balance, this balance is allocated back to the Budget as available.

Rejected/Cancelled claims

When any claim is Cancelled the expense amount/s are allocated back to the Budget as available.

When any claim is still in the Rejected status the expense amount is still allocated to the Budget as Pending, until the claim is cancelled if required and then the amount is allocated back to the Budget as available.

Budget Reporting

Budget reporting is available under the Administrator Reports menu.

There are a range of report filters and view options.