Card claims


Credit card claims are created automatically for you by your company with a daily credit card feed.

When you spend money on your credit card the expense line will be imported into expensemanager and a new claim will be created for you. This will be your current credit card claim and it will have the status of Processing.

All charges will be added to this current claim until the end of the statement period. You can access this claim and update the additional information if required and match receipts.

At the end of the statement period this claim status will change to Ready and no more charges will be added. You will now be able to submit for approval and the claim will have the status changed to Pending Approval.

If you spend money on your credit card in the next statement period a new processing claim will be created.

Incomplete claim

When you first launch your credit card claim there maybe unattached receipts or additional information will be required.

The claim will be highlighted with an exclamation icon. And the expense line/s that require update will be identified with a red card icon and red expense id.

Until all 'red' expense lines have been updated the claim cannot be submitted for approval.

Editing expenses

The quick code work area presents the main expense details. This includes the amount, the date and the most commonly coded fields. These fields can be quickly coded by clicking on the expense line. Editable fields will display.

If more fields are required for update the expense id will be in Red and you are able to click into the Expense Detail area to update.

Detail view

Some companies will have extra fields for users to update. This work is done in the Expense Detail area. Every expense field is presented for update and can be Split or Guests assigned for FBT related expenses. There are next & back buttons to move between the expenses.

   Splitting expenses   FBT Expenses


A Notes work area is available and records the comment by the user with date/time stamp. This work area is for the Claimants, Approvers and Payers

       Splitting expenses    Receipt matching   Receipt scanning

Submit the claim

When you have updated all of your expenses you can submit for approval.

Information If you select a different approver from the drop down to approve your claim, an email will be sent to your default approver and to the new approver to advise them of this change.    

    Approval workflows

Pending Approval

Once submitted the claim status changes to 'Pending Approval" and the nominated authoriser will be contacted via email to approve your claim.

If the claim is approved or rejected you will be advised and the claim status will be updated to either Approved or Rejected.

If the claim is 'Approved' there is no further action required  of you.

Information Once your claim has been submitted for approval all of the associated receipts will be removed from your document vault and archived.  However, they will still be attached to the claim and viewable.

Claim is rejected

If your claim is rejected you will advised by email. The 'Rejected' claim will appear in your home page for editing. The rejected expense line/s will be identifed in 'red'.

The approver notes can be see from the expense detail view.

Once you have updated the expense/s you can resubmit for approval.