Cash claims

Create a new claim on the desktop

From your home page, click on the Cash Claim link and launch a new claim. The description field can be updated. Your default authorisor is assigned and your can specify the claim period.

When you click Save a new claim will be created with a unique id and you can start adding expenses.

    Create a new claim on your mobile

New cash claim

Click on Create Claim from the menu and Save to create a new cash claim. Once saved the +Expense icon will be displayed and you can add expenses.

Adding expenses

Click on the + Expense icon and the unattached receipts will display. Choose the receipts to add and create the expense line/s

Expense lines created

The expense lines will be automatically created and any information available on the receipt will be used to auto-fill the expense lines.

If any information is missing the expense id will be identified in Red.

Expense detail view

If there are additional fields you need to complete that are not available on the quick code area, then you can click into the Detail View.

Every expense field is presented to the user for update.There are next & back buttons to move between the expenses.


Notes work area is available and records the comment by the user with date/time stamp. This work area is for the Claimants, Approvers and Payers

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Submit the claim

When you have entered all of your expenses you wish to claim you can submit for approval. If your company has created rules for mandatory fields to be completed and mandatory receipts then you will be prompted if these are missing before you can submit the claim for approval.

Information If you select a different approver from the drop down to approve your claim, an email will be sent to your default approver and the new approver to advise them of this change.

         Approval workflows

Pending Approval

Once submitted the claim status changes to Pending Approval and the nominated approver will be contacted via email to approve your claim.

If the claim is approved or rejected you will be advised and the claim status will be updated to either Approved or Rejected.

If the claim is Approved there is no further action required of you.

Information When your claim is submitted all of the associated receipts will be removed from your document vault and archived.  However, they will still be attached to the claim and viewable.

Claim is rejected

If your claim is rejected you will advised by email. The Rejected claim will appear in your portal for editing. You will need to open the claim and update as advised by your authorisor.

The expense line/s that are in query will be identified in 'red' and there will be notes from the approver as to the action to take.

Once you have updated the expense/s you can resubmit for approval.


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