Setting up a delegate

As an admin, go into the profile of the user who requires a delegate, scroll down to Claimant Details section and in the Delegate field, choose a delegate.


Before doing the above, make sure the delegate is setup as a claimant.

Delegate access

The delegate can perform the below actions on behalf of another claimant –

  • Creating or modifying claims.
  • Uploading documents.
  • Submitting the completed claims.

Please note – the delegate cannot approve on behalf of another user. They would only have the claimant access.

Delegate screen

When the delegate user logins they will be able to filter and see the claims for the claimant/s they are assigned to.

The filter has a default of 'All' but they are able to search for any individual claimant's claims they are assigned to.


 Creating Claims

The delegate can create a claim for an assigned claimant by choosing from the drop-down box available when creating the claim. 


Once the claim is saved and created, the claimant cannot be changed.

Modifying and Submitting the Claims

When the delegate opens a claim on behalf of another claimant, they will be able to do perform all the actions just like the original claimant except for personal card statement import. The delegate can also submit the claim on behalf of another claimant.


Receipt Management

The delegate is also able to access their assigned claimant's document vault from the filter option under their document vault.  They are able upload and edit Receipts. The delegate can also see the vault email addresses of the claimants they are assigned to.



Please note – the delegate when creating or updating the claims on behalf of another claimant, they can only see the documents that have been sent to the actual claimant’s vault. So, uploading/emailing the documents to the correct vault is important.


Delegate Access on the Mobile

The Delegate access is also available on the mobile app.  To access their assigned claimant's receipts and claims they 'Switch' to that user's account

  • Click the User Icon in the upper right-hand side of the page.
  • This will display the claimants they are assigned to and they can choose the account they wish to access and return to their own in the same manner.




All the system generated emails for claim creation, approval, rejection, etc will go to both the claimant and the delegate.