Export Claims

Once the approver has approved the claims, they can be exported to your finance system. This process can be done by the Admin/Payer in two easy steps:

  1. Update the approved claim/claims.
  2. Export the updated claim/claims to your ERP system.


 Step 1 -  Update Claims

To update the claims, select ‘Update Claims’ under CLAIMS section on the home page.



This will take you to a page where you can see all the approved claims or you can search for the claims you want to update. Once you decide which claims are to be updated, you can then select those claims and click on Update.

Your claims are now marked as updated/finalised and are ready to be exported.



 Step 2 - Select claims

To export the claims, select ‘Export Claims’ under CLAIMS on the home page.



You can then select the Export Type, Category and the date range, if required. You can click on ‘List Claims for Export’.



 This gives you a list of claims that are updated but not exported. You can either export all the claims or select the ones that you require to be exported and then click on ‘Export Claims’.



If you’re using one of the finance systems to which we are connected via the API, you can simply click on “Send to …” button and the system exports all the claims.


Step 3 - Export


If not, you can simply download the export file by clicking on the link and then import the files into your finance system.



Information You can find all of the exported claims in the 'Claims Exports' page under the 'Reports' section.