Currency Symbol

If you notice in expensemanager that the currency symbol displaying on your expense claim is not your home currency symbol, this means your computer settings are set with a different language.

As this is a setting from your computer you can update this, using the following steps for the browser you are operating.


1. Go to settings of the browser.
2. Click on Advanced settings.
3. Scroll down to languages and make "English (United States)" as the preferred language under the language section.

Internet Explorer or Edge

Dependent on the windows version you are operating, there may be a different option to go to Time & Language. You need to ensure your Country is set to Australia and Language to English, United States.

i.e. on Windows 10, with Edge....

1. Open control panel in the computer and go to Settings, and choose Time & Language
2. Choose your Country
4. Choose your Language

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on "Options" in the menu.
2. Navigate to "Content" section.
3. Click on "Choose" in the Languages section.
4. Move "English/United States" to the top" and click "OK".