To create a card claim, you would need to import the bank statement file, from your respective banker, to Expense Manager Database.

Importing the statement can be done by Admin/Payer in three easy steps:

  1. Import file upload
  2. Import Data
  3. Create claims

 Step 1 - Import File Upload

 To import the file, select ‘Import Claims’ under CLAIMS section on the home page.

 You can then click on ‘Choose file’ option to select the previously downloaded file the from your computer and then click on ‘Submit’ button to upload the file.

 Step 2 - Import Data

 Once the file has been uploaded, you need to select the card type, enter the data range of the statement and then click on ‘Choose’ button to import the data.



 Step 3 - Create claims

Once, you have imported the data, the page displays the list of users linked with that statement.

This lets you select the users for whom the claims are to be created and once the selection is done, you can click on ‘Create claims’.



Information Update the credit card details for the users before importing the statement.

The users will receive a mail notifying them of the claims being created. They can then complete the claims and submit them.