Mobile Approvals

When a claim has been submitted to you for Approval you will receive an email.  You can approve claims from the mobile app. 


Information If you are just an Approver you will see only your claims for approval.  If you are also a Claimant you will have an 'Approver' tab to view the claims waiting for your approval.    


Claims waiting for approval

All of the claims waiting for your approval will be listed.  Click to open a claim to view all of the expenses and receipts.


You are able to scroll through the list of expenses.  If you wish to look at an expense in more detail click on the expense to view

Review each expense and receipt

The detail view shows the coding of each expense and displays the receipt.   You can also see the 'Split' coding if this has been done.

Information Use the next and previous buttons to view all of the expenses.

Acknowledge a receipt exception

If the claimant has a missing receipt they will ask for your acceptance.  The expense will be identified with a 'red' exception flag.  You will need to update this or reject the claim.


Query and dispute an expense

If you wish to query an expense and then reject claim, click on the Query button to open the comments box to insert the query notes, click on dispute and then click Done to complete.

The expense will be identified in 'red' and you will Reject the claim.


Information If an expense has been queried, you can only Reject the claim.     

Reject a claim

You can add in a note to the Claimant by clicking on the 'Notes' tab before you Reject the claim.


Click on the Reject button and the claim will be returned to the Claimant for review, update and resubmit.

Information The claimant will get an email advising the claim has been Rejected and they will login to their portal to review and take the action required.    

Approve a claim

If there are no Queries you can approve the claim.  Once a claim is approved it is removed from your claim approval list.

Information You can add in a note before you Approve for the Payer to see.