Personal card import

Create a new claim

From your home page, click on the Cash Claim link and launch a new claim.

The description field can be updated. Your default approver is assigned and you can specify the claim period.

When you click Save a new claim will be created with a unique id and you can start adding expenses.

Adding expenses from a personal card import

If you use a personal card for your expenses you can easily import these transactions directly into an expensemanager cash claim and we will automatically create the expense lines for you.

You will launch a new cash claim as normal but now under the new actions tab, select import OFX file.

Upload and Import your OFX File

The next screen allows you to upload an OFX transaction file. You can generate this file from your personal banking portal.

Remove Personal Transactions

We display all the transactions from the OFX file on screen so you can remove any personal transactions. 

Import business transactions

Tick the transactions to import, select the relevant expense type and then click "Create Expenses" button.

Update the expense lines

You now have three created expense lines. You may need to update any missing fields and match a receipt if the smart match did not find it.

Information If you used the mobile app for receipt capture, the receipts should be smart matched.

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