There are a few different ways that receipts can be uploaded to expensemanager

  1. By far the easiest, is snapping them with your iPhone or Android device via the expensemanager app.
  2. Email receipts directly into your document vault for scanning -  this is great for email receipts you receive. 
  3. The final way is to directly upload receipts through the expenses page or your document vault

Your document vault

Every user in expensemanager has a document vault and this is where your receipts will be stored until our smart matching process matches them automatically to an expense line or when you choose to attach them to an expense line manually.


1. Snap a receipt on the expensemanager app

Click on the Blue + icon and take a photo of your receipt.   If you Save to Vault your image will be stored in your vault and scanned.


Information If you add the description field and expense type before you Save to Vault, this information will be stored and auto-filled to the expense line.

  Receipt scanning

2. Send receipts to your document vault email address

Using your unique document vault email address, send an image or a pdf receipt.  These will also be scanned.

3. Direct upload

You can directly upload a receipt from the Document Vault or from the Document list in a claim


   Receipt scanning     Receipt matching