Receipt matching

expensemanager uses Smart Matching technology to match your receipts to the right expense line in a claim.

1. Credit card claims.  When an expense line is imported for your credit card claim, expensemanager will search your vault and try to find the right receipt. 

If we find a receipt matching it will be attached to the expense line automatically.       Card claims

2. Cash claims.  When you create a cash claim and click on the Smart Match feature, expensemanager will search your vault for the matching receipt.      Cash claims

Matching manually

If the receipt has been stored in your Vault, you can search for the right receipt and attach to the expense line by clicking on it.

This can also be done from the Detail view.  When the receipt is chosen it attaches to the expense line and updates the Has Receipt to YES

Creating an expense from a receipt

In a cash claim an expense line can be created from choosing a receipt.   All of the populated field will be updated to the new expense line.

Receipt exception

There maybe times that you did not get a receipt or it has been lost.  Most companies will ask you to mark the expense with an Exception.

You will need to offer a reason.  The expense line is marked as Exception Pending and your Approver will need to acknowledge this at approval.

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