Updated on 9/8/2019
Receipt Scanning
Receipt scanning
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Receipt scanning

expensemanager offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan documents and extract the data. This is a great time saver for our users when taking a photo of a receipt from our mobile app.

You just snap it and save to the vault and our 'machine' will take it from there. But the machine can only return a good result if the photo you took was a good one and we've given you a few tips below about how to make this service work for you.

But before that, let's just recap on how to use the OCR service on the mobile.

OCR on your mobile

The scanning process

Information The information we will try to get is:  * Date, * Supplier, * Amount, *GST. If any of these fields can't be identified the receipt will be sent to our 'reject' queue for human intervention.  If we still can't recognise the information your image will be badged as 'Incomplete'    

Be a pro!

When you take a photo, make sure it's close up and with your flash on. This will ensure the machine can read all of the data.

A blurred image will fail the OCR process and go to our reject queue. But if it's so blurry even a human can't read it, it's a fail.

Long receipts?

Your company doesn't want a picture of all the 'marketing' gumpf that appears at the bottom on the receipts. Just take a photo of the necessary info.

Add info on the go

When you are saving the receipt to your vault, if you add in any information in the 'Description' field and we will auto-fill this to the expense line in your claim.

This is really a great time saver for credit card claims, we'll auto fill when the statement comes in.

Save without OCR

You don't have to use the OCR service. If you want to override this service, then update the 'Amount' field yourself and save it to your vault.

You would probably do this if you want to expense the receipt straight away.

OCR on emailed receipts

If you email receipts to your vault we will automatically run the OCR process for you. Often these are pdf receipts and will scan with good results.