If claims fail to export to the finance systems or if the payer/admin realises that wrong information has been exported, the claims can be removed from the export, unfinalised and then re-exported.

Removing the Claims from the Export

All the claims that have been exported before or added to an export already can be found Claim Exports section under “Reports” for payer/admin in the corresponding export ID.

Once in the export ID, there is Remove link against each claim. Please click on it to remove the claim from the export.



Information If the claim has already been imported into your finance system, make sure to delete that record in your finance system as the claim that has been removed will be re-exported.    

Unfinalising the Removed Claims

Once the claim has been removed from the export, the system will automatically open this claim in a new tab. In here, please click on Unfinalise button on the top right-hand corner.


Once the claim has been unfinalised, the payer can make the required changes themselves or even reject the claim back to the original claimant and ask them to make the required changes.

 Then claims can be finalised once again and re-exported.