Splitting an expense

An expense coding can be split.  This is done from the Detail view

When you click on the Split button, the split window is display

The split window is displayed with the original amount line and one new split line, but you can add as many split lines. 

Split options

An expense can be split in the following ways:

  • Category
  • Cost Centre
  • Project and Activity codes
  • Amount. Equally, amount or percentage
  • GST rate
  • Personal
  • Description can be different on each split line

Other split actions

Bookmark:  Once you have a split allocation, you can make this a Favourite split by using the Bookmark icon

Favourite splits:  A list of saved splits to re-launch

Split equally: Split's the amount equally across all split lines

Add a split:  Add as many split lines as required

Personal: Allocate the split line to a personal cost

Delete:  Remove a split line

Split is recorded

On the Detail view

On the Quick Code view