Supplier Invoices

When you want a supplier invoice to be paid you will send these to your vault in expensemanager and a new Supplier/Invoice Payment Request will be created for you.

Everyone has a document vault and this is where your receipts and invoices are stored. Click on the Document Vault link to see your unique email address.

The easiest way to get your supplier invoices into your vault is to forward the email from your supplier with the invoice attached.

InformationIf the invoice has been stored on your computer, send an email to your vault with the invoice as an attachment.

New Supplier/Invoice Payment Request

When expensemanager receives the invoice in your vault, we store the invoice and start the scanning and data extraction process to create a new Payment Request.

InformationThis process will only take a few minutes, but if the invoice is from a new supplier it may take a little longer.

   Scanning process

The Launch View

When you open the Request the launch view is presented. This includes the Invoice document, the invoice information and the approver workflow. 

There are navigation tabs at the top make it easy to move between the new work areas - Quick Code, Item Detail and Notes.  If your company uses the Purchase Order module you will see the linked purchase order. 

    Purchase order matching

Auto coded and ready to submit

When the new Request is created the supplier is matched and an expense line is created.

The scanning and matching process will automatically allocate:

  • The supplier
  • Invoice number and date
  • Amount and GST
  • Description
  • Expense type (if set up per supplier)

The approval workflow designated by your company will automatically assign the Approvers

If all of the mandatory fields above have been automatically assigned, you will be able to submit the Request for approval.

Coding required to submit

If there is missing information then you will be prompted with an error message and you will need to update the missing information. 

The following errors will be:-

Duplicate invoice was found.  The request is to be cancelled.         

2. Supplier not matched.  You can search for the supplier by typing into the Supplier field and manually allocating it.


No Supplier found.    

If no supplier is found you can ask for this supplier to be set up.  Click to add Supplier, complete the mandatory fields and Save.    

You will then able to submit for approval.

Supplier pending

When the Supplier is created you will be advised by email.  You can complete the invoice payment but until the Supplier is created you will not be able to submit for Approval.

Incompleted fields  

Some Requests will be automatically coded.   

If this is not done you will be prompted to mandatory fields, such as the Expense type, Activity or Project Code and/or Description.

You can use the Quick code to update the common fields.

Item detail

Some companies will have extra fields for users to update that are not shown on the quick code or you may want to Split the item

This work is done in the Item Detail view.  Click on this tab and every expense field and other options are available.  

  Splitting expenses    

Submit for approval

When you have updated the Request with any additional information that is required you can submit for approval.

InformationSome companies may have a locked Approval workflow and some will allow you to choose your Approver.

  Approval workflows.

 Pending Approval or Rejected

Once submitted the Request changes to Pending Approval and the nominated Approver will be emailed.

If the Request is Approved or Rejected you will be advised by email.   If the Request is Approved there is no further action required of you.

InformationYou can see the status of your Requests from your Portal dashboard

Request is rejected

The Rejected request will appear in your Portal. You will be able to see the Approver notes,  take the appropriate action and re-submit for approval.