expensemanager has four different types of users and their role and levels of access are pre-configured and maintained by the Company Administrator.

Administrator - A person who maintains the database on behalf of the company. 

Claimant - A person who makes a claim.

Approver - A person who approves expenses for nominated claimants.

Payers - A person who can import and export data, maintain suppliers and run reports.


A user can be created from the appropriate tab under New User.

A user can have multiple roles.


Create new user

Each new user has some mandatory default fields:-

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Then dependent on their role/s in the organisation, additional fields will be presented to complete.


Mandatory fields

Every claimant will have system defined email address for their vault and must be assigned to:-

  • Default Approver
  • Default Cost Centre
  • Home Currency

Optional fields

  • Approval workflows.  The claimant can be assigned to those workflows.   
  • Mileage Rate.  If the company has mileage expenses.  Learn more:  Mileage claims
  • Import Name. A matching reference that may be required for import files.   Learn more: Personal card import
  • DRX. System defined digital receipt reference. 
  • Bank account details.  If the company is using Reimbursement claims   
  • Car information. If the company is using mileage claims.   Not used
  • Credit card information.  The credit card/s assigned to the claimant.  

   Credit card import


If the user is an Approver, the following information can be updated.

Optional fields

  • Approval limits.  Can be applied for expense, invoice and purchase order approvals.  If a limit is applied and the claim is over that limit, the Approver will not be included in the approval drop down or routing.
  • Acting Approver.  While the Approver is on leave, another Approver can be assigned to their role during the period defined.  Any claims that are assigned to them will be automatically routed this the Acting Approver.



Users can be assigned to access some or all of the Company.

Change login

Disable a user

User history

A history can be view of the creation date of the user and any changes made to their profile.